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The Journal of Daniel Jackson

[ space-faring archaeologist ]

Daniel Jackson
8 July 1965
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"A bookworm adventurer who can say brains and guts in twenty-seven different languages."

Once upon a time, Daniel Jackson (Doctor, PhD) was your average archaeologist, with a specialty in Egyptian culture and a strong belief that aliens helped to build the great pyramids of Egypt. As you can imagine, he was the laughing stock of the entire scientific community.

That is, of course, until that faithful day when a visit from an elderly woman - one Dr. Catherine Langford - approached him with a proposal. This proposal would change his entire life. Sooner rather than later, Daniel found himself as a member of SG-1 and a role in preventing the invasion of Earth by an alien race known as Goa'uld.

Yeah, those same aliens that helped to build the pyramids.

Lots has happened since. Lots and lots and lots. Daniel died. Daniel ascended. Daniel lived. Daniel died again. And the cycle goes on.

But when it comes down to it, Daniel Jackson is, for better lack of any other word, a geek. A geek, that is, with one of the most impressive careers possible.

Daniel Jackson and the world of Stargate SG-1 does not belong to me. They belong to their creators, the SciFi channel, and whoever else owns a stake in them. I am just borrowing Daniel for a little bit of role playing fun at milliways_bar.

He comes in originally from the beginning of season 8.